Canaan's Rest

Canaan’s Rest is a quiet, wooded place overlooking Mann Lake in north central Minnesota, “set apart” for the purpose of fostering contemplative prayer. In contemplation we become aware of God’s presence in our lives. A quiet retreat experience helps in this process.

Canaan’s Rest is a place of solitude, where silence is practiced, creating an environment in which we can listen and respond to God at a deeper level of awareness. Retreatants spend much of their time alone in silence with the Lord. Resources to help facilitate openness to God are provided. Spiritual direction is available to enhance a listening, contemplative posture.

Canaan’s Rest is a servant ministry offering hope, encouragement, and spiritual healing to believers seeking to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and the discipline of a silent retreat. Canaan’s Rest ministry can be especially helpful to believers who hunger for greater intimacy with God, but who do not know where to go or with whom to speak about their hunger and desire for God.